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a variety of clips featuring nerdtracks music or sound design

Dren answers a few questions about his music projects and career. 

Examples of AR and VR audio in projects I worked this the multiverse yet?

Some recent tunes, collected here in  bite size pieces...

Counterstrike Global Offensive

Music Kit

Dren McDonald's "Death's Head Demolition" Trailer

polyheDren - Buckaroo Moon

featuring Daria Novo and Sangin' Sara Williams (Ledesi, Spearhead, Stevie Wonder)

Gordon Ramsay Dash Trailer

All of the music/sound design was created (by me) for this announcement trailer. 


polyheDren - Film Stars

featuring Moorea Dickason (Raze the Maze, Moetar) and Daria Novo. Dren may or may not make an appearance in this video

Oculus Go Launch Trailer

Original score created for this Oculus Go Launch video with tremendous vocal work from Lucy Sheils.


Reintroducing Train: The official Valve video for the new Train map in Counterstrike, using Dren's CS:GO music kit

The String Arcade Album Trailer

Gathering Sky Launch Trailer

Here's the launch trailer for this multiple award winning game/experience, which features my score and sound design. Soon after launch (iOS/Android/Steam) the game was installed on every iPad in every Apple store in N. America as a demo!

polyheDren - Tethys Express

featuring Rini on vocals (AR Rahman, she also co-composed The Fame Game on Netflix)

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