Examples of audio storytelling with interactive music and sound in projects I've worked on.

Gathering Sky Launch Trailer

Gathering Sky Announce Trailer


Counterstrike Global Offensive Music Kit, Dren McDonald's "Death's Head Demolition" Trailer

Reintroducing Train: The official Valve video for the new Train map in Counterstrike, using Dren's CS:GO music kit

The String Arcade Album Trailer


a variety of clips featuring nerdtracks music or sound design

Skulls of the Shogun Trailer

An early trailer for this game​​

Nvidia GeFOrce Battlefield 3

Gathering Sky game playthrough

Nvidia GTC 2012 Conference

This was the introduction video at the Nvidia GTC 2012 conference (nerdtracks content ends after the intro video).

Gordon Ramsay Dash Trailer

All of the music/sound design was created (by me) for this announcement trailer. 


Fire Child Game Teaser