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New "Guitar Orchestra" Album, PTEROUS, is released

PTEROUS, the full length album from Dren McDonald has just been released by Appearing Records.The album, Pterous, is a collection of 'orchestral' guitar instrumentals. Each piece is played entirely by McDonald, as he layered hundreds and hundreds of tracks of guitars (electric and acoustic), steel strings, nylon strings, ukulele, baritone guitars, fretless bass, and mixed in Dolby Atmos (Apple Spatial Audio) available on AppleMusic or Tidal. The album cover (as well as each of the pre-release singles) was created by artist, Christine MacTernan.

The album is also available at

BANDCAMP (limited CDs also available there)





There are also music videos for 2 of the songs from the record. The first is J2 (or J squared)

D, Part 1 is the second video.

All illustrations taken from the cover art illustrations by Christine MacTernan.

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