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Counterstrike Global Offensive Masterminds Music Kit Released to Streaming Platforms

Dren's apocalyptic mariachi soundtrack from Gunman Taco Truck, which also became a music kit in Counterstrike Global Offensive (Valve Software) back in 2020 has now been released as part of the CSGO Masterminds Music Kit soundtrack on all streaming platforms.

If you aren't familiar with CS:GO, it's the MOST played game on Steam (i.e. PC gaming store/portal). It's enjoyed up to 20 million monthly players as recently as 2021 (probably more now). Inside the game, players have an opportunity to change up their music soundtrack, and if they win a round, then the music that they had chosen will play for all of the other players in the match. The mariachi trumpets in GMTT became a very popular way to troll other players.

The Masterminds kit not only includes Gunman Taco Truck but also some fantastic music work from Matt Levine (Last of Us, Uncharted 3), Austin Wintory (Journey, Abzu, Assassins Creed), Tree Adams (NCIS, Californication), Daniel Sadowski (Call of Duty, Clash of Clans), Sam Marshall (Concrete Genie), Ben Bromfield (The Boss Baby, Where's Waldo), and Tim Huling (Mad Money). It's a rollercoaster with a lot of genre hopping all around. You can find all of the streaming links for the collection here.

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