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Gunman Taco Truck Game & Soundtrack Released!

The Gunman Taco Truck Original Game Soundtrack is now available! Romero Games has just released Gunman Taco Truck on Steam (PC, Mac) + iOS, and now it’s time for “Pollo Diablo” “Giantesca Jefe de Hormigas” and the rest of the sizzling soundtrack to drop! As we ramble across mutant-ized N. America in mankind’s last taco truck, some of the bay area’s most interesting musicians help to create the inspired realization of a post-apocalyptic mariachi soundtrack.

Soundtrack is available on BandCamp here

All profits from the game soundtrack sales will go to the ACLU

The soundtrack is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Google and other services.


One day, ten-year-old Donovan Brathwaite-Romero had a great idea for a video game. During a coding lesson with his stepfather, John Romero, he began to rattle off his game idea about a taco truck. His mother, game designer Brenda Romero, recorded Donovan’s game design ideas and the family took his idea to the next level, spending the next couple of years creating Gunman Taco Truck with a team of friends and family.

The game is available on Steam


and coming soon to iOS


One of those friends, Dren McDonald, who previously worked with the Romeros on several other game titles (Ravenwood Fair, Ghost Recon Commander, Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirate’s Hideout and more) composed/produced/mixed the apocalyptic mariachi music for Gunman Taco Truck. The game’s score of all live musicians is certainly uncommon in indie games of this scope, but in order to pay tribute to the rich culture of mariachi music, McDonald didn’t see how virtual instruments could possibly come close to achieving the passion, intensity and technique required for this type of music.

“There aren’t any good ‘Mariachi trumpet’ midi sample libraries” says McDonald, “nor should there be! That tone has as much to do with the vibrato as it does with feeling the trumpet section’s lip sting from blasting out all of those high notes!” McDonald also performs all of the guitar parts, bass parts and some of the percussion on the recording, but found some experimental methods to record them. “I used a lot of mechanical filters, such as metal air ducts or horn mutes, between the microphones and the amplifiers. I also used a lot of different tiny little battery powered amps as well. It didn’t feel like this should be a clean needed some dirt and rust soaked into it”

“We’re excited for the release of the excellent Gunman Taco Truck soundtrack that Dren created,” says John Romero, “you can really hear the live musicians getting into the tunes with gusto! Muy bueno!”


Romero Games was founded by John Romero (Doom, Quake, Id Software, Ion Storm) and Brenda Romero (Dungeons & Dragons, Ghost Recon Commander, Jagged Alliance) and is located in Galway, Ireland. The game design came from the mind of Brenda’s son, Donovan and the studio + friends helped to make it a reality. All proceeds from the sales of the game will go towards Donovan’s college fund.


Trumpet: Chris Barnes (Seth MacFarlane, George Clinton, Santana, Huey Lewis and the News)

Violin: Alisa Rose (Feist, Bob Weir, Real Vocal String Quartet, The String Arcade)

Drums/Perc: Robert Lopez (Las Sucias, Grex)

Accordion: Casey Cameron (SpecOps-The Line, Bioshock 2)

Bari sax: Richard Savery (Condense, Gathering Sky)

Guitars/bass: Dren McDonald




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