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Gordon Ramsay Dash is Launched!

Last week, Gordon Ramsay Dash (Glu Mobile) launched worldwide on iOS/Android and within 24 hours entered the Top Ten Free Apps Chart! It features the talents and voice of world famous chef/celebrity/restaurateur, Gordon Ramsay. I handled and created all of the audio for this title, from the music to the sound design to the implementation to the VO (and VO recording sessions).

You can see chef and I goofing off here during the video shoot of the 'behind the scenes' with Gordon Ramsay and the Play-Glu team.

Almost every where in the game there is music, it is somewhat interactive, from the interactive map that changes the music depending on which continent the player turns the map to, to the round music that has elevated intensities of music.

We used FMOD Studio to implement the audio for this game which helped us keep the audio footprint size manageable, allowed for the dynamic music and helped us organize all of the voice over files! Here's an interview that FMOD did with me about using Studio in this title. SF Conservatory of Music also interviewed me about this project here>>

Below is the trailer for the game, with my music and sound design.

And here's the "Behind the Scenes..." video. There may be more to come of these...

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