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Gathering Sky Releases to Glowing Reviews

Not only did I score Gathering Sky (which you can pick up here), but I also sound designed and implemented all of the audio for this title. I also mixed the score and edited the cues. I put a lot of love into this so it makes me happy to see all of the positive reviews, not only from the press but also from players on iTunes, Google Play and Steam. Here are some links to reviews:

Game Skinny

BoingBoing (Offworld)

Freedom CGC



Gamebits Podcast about Gathering Sky

Trust In Play

PC Gamer

Android Community



Or check out some of these from Google Play

Here's the launch trailer for Gathering Sky

And you can go purchase the soundtrack here at BandCamp

And here's a 'behind the scenes' video of scoring Gathering Sky at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

And if you are interested in reading the audio journal about Gathering Sky, you can find it in 3 parts here at Gamasutra.

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