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THE STRING ARCADE on Top Score and other podcasts

The String Arcade has been released worldwide ( and with that, there have been many wonderful reviews, interviews and podcasts featuring Dren talking about his work on the project.

MPR's Classical Top Score podcast featured Dren in this episode: listen here

ReviewFix features an Interview with Dren on their show: listen here

PushPlay's podcast features a chat with Dren: listen here

AllGames featured an interview with Dren on Mom's Minute show: listen here

OmniGamer also featured an interview with Dren: listen here

The Video Game show reviews the disc on this podcast: listen here

And here is where you can purchase The String Arcade:

Bandcamp (get the physical CD there and the download - CD includes bonus tracks)



THIS JUST IN: Dren's article about recording The String Arcade on Recording Hacks

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